Inimicitia Perpetua - Pictures of the Void Rebuilt

by Despot

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Lo and behold My life has been shattered The lights are off My dignity's been put to rest I can only find solace Under the warmth of Lucifer's wings My mind, restless, indulges in violent fantasies As I stand defeated with a rope around my neck I lost the privilege of sleep My dreams have been stolen from me Satan, o Master Give me the tools to punish my enemies My mind, restless, indulges in violent fantasies As I stand defeated with a rope around my neck Another day, another failure The demons of resentment are pressing me for time A small incision to my jugular Shall defeat the Minotaur of this infernal labyrinth Inimicitia Perpetua
"I will sing of well-founded Earth, mother of all, eldest of all beings She feeds all creatures that are in the world, all that go upon the goodly land, and all that are in the paths of the seas, and all that fly: all these are fed of her store" And To Earth I'm bound forever and for all that is mundane I hunger Destroyer, creator The scourge of the nihilistic enemies of life Souless, corporeal I have no spirit - I am the spirit The cowards promoted The castration of the strong In a wave of vilification Out of enmity for their masters And all would be justified If they had transcended their condition Alas the weak, resentful Only sought to enslave their oppressors And this is where we're at today Man fears its own emancipation They celebrate the cult of death Where life's a burden - a plight to overcome They celebrate the cult of death Where the Earth is blighted and a prison for the soul And To Earth I'm bound forever and for all that is mundane I hunger I see no truth Without making demands For the world to become An ideal reflection of me The world does not imitate man In darkness I feed Where the void has no colors And I'm not betrayed By projections I make of the world Reality does not imitate man There is not an essence of things Only one's yearning for beauty and order There's no knowledge that is true Only attempts to find purpose in chaos "Through you, O queen, men are blessed in their children and blessed in their harvests, and to you it belongs to give means of life to mortal men and to take it away Happy is the man whom you delight to honor" It has happened: the time of the last man has come
A quest from ruin to ruin Walking blindly through misery Reaching for a soothing light In the wreckage of dismal feelings Reaching for a soothing light It's a ruin they're after A ruin of lies and despondency Anything but what happens back home Crawling as force withers Searching for answers And the path punishes those who dare To ask for meaning Searching, crawling, searching For mere structure Searching, roaming, lurching Defeat is certain Through the ruins, relentless They still march, stubborn Leaving behind all that remains The reality of the ruin of their lives Digging up the wreckage, The remains of tragedy Only to find their own misery The reality of their ruined lives And the barren waste is but a mirror of The misery of their tragic lives Searching, crawling, searching For mere structure Searching, roaming, lurching Defeat is certain Searching, crawling, searching Searching, roaming, lurching No relief Can be found in what was Never Meant to calm the restless Never Never One will find solace in Nether Made to tempt the frail Bereft Never It's a ruin they're after A ruin made of lies and lost hopes Anything but what happens back home There has to be more There has to be more Even that wasn't enough
Death awaits you! So immersed in the idiot’s tale I was blinded by a veil of hope But searching life for meaning and truth Revealed only gloom and emptiness As the world dissolved and became intangible I remained stoic, yet forever I’d changed Now, fully drained of worth and compassion I’m driven only by my will to destroy My fate prevails The void prevails I am a passive witness of the cosmic drama I am a hopeless worker of a bastard hive God is silenced Only chaos remains My fate prevails Yet I revolt I am the unsung hero of futile endeavours I am Sisyphus in his descent I’ve learnt to scorn the lurkers of the beyond And their search for eternal comfort in the dreamworlds of dead gods Formless, inhuman, bereft of sense and purpose The universe, indifferent, provides no consolation Distorted perspectives draw a nicer picture Yet the world remains as alien and indifferent
You know your targets Hunt them down, one by one She has spoken... I have sworn oaths In tongues I do not speak to appease the voice What voice? A voice! All I know is it speaks to me in my dreams My life is a picture drawn by a blind man - means without ends I feel the skulking beast With Her warm and wet breath Approaching me Her words are the sound of colors But the message is clear Blood must be drawn Oh Nameless One I'm Yours to command May Your will be done I live for You Whoever You are The storm dims the sunlight It creates a perfect backdrop A canvas so clean and pristine For Her art sublime The artist The tools The muse And blood as the ink of the gods The works must commence at once Red I'll dye the night I've become the terror of legends Self-proclaimed Antichrist Lucifer Baal Satanas Are the names I'm being called Before the noose breaks my neck And I thought the Beast had forsaken me But she spoke again Though your life is over you still emerge victorious And with these words I die in peace Dead, hanging limp as the crowds applaud I won


Dublin/IE - Nova Lima/BR, July 2020:

DESPOT, purveyors of a unique mixture of black and death metal anthems, proudly unleashes “Inimicitia Perpetua - Pictures of The Void Rebuilt”, their latest effort including the brand-new namesake song and reworked versions of the four songs from their previous EP, Pictures of The Void.

After a five-year hiatus, the band now sets its target on crafting heavier and swifter material, incorporating fresh song-writing ideas and delivering energetic vocal and instrumental performances. This musical and lyrical development can be heard in the new song Inimicitia Perpetua, the first piece of music written by the duo since 2015, a pulsating tune that stares upon the darker strains of human personality.

Inimicitia Perpetua also brings a completely remixed and remastered version of the Pictures of The Void EP, the first to feature the current line-up consisting of Marcelo Murrer (Guitars, Bass, Keys, Vocals) and Diogo C. (Drums, Backing Vocals), with the former being responsible for writing music and lyrics and the latter for all audio engineering duties.


released July 7, 2020

Marcelo Murrer - Guitars, Bass, Vocals, Keys
Diogo C. - Drums, Backing Vocals, Engineering

All music written and performed by Despot.

Artwork by Andre Persechini.


all rights reserved



Despot Belo Horizonte, Brazil

Originally from Belo Horizonte, MG, Despot is a Black Metal duo formed by multi-instrumentalists Marcelo Murrer on guitars, bass, keyboards, lead and backing vocals, and Diogo C. on drums, keyboards and backing vocals.

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